INSPIRATION: Around 1965, I read about the famous Photographer Lennart Nilsson and his book "A Child Is Born".

INSPIRATION: Books on photography by Pär Lagerqvist around 1980 while I was still living in Hong Kong

Happy gatherings, celebrations with my kids: birthday, Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, 2008-2010.

Joyful journeys with my kids: Skara Sommarland, Legoland Denmark, Holland, Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong, New Zealand
between 1994 - 2003

My kids assistance in the studio since 1993 (even in accountancy !)

Farewell-visits to my late father, my kids biological grandfather, in Hong Kong:
30th Nov - 6th Dec 2005 (Visit in the hospital)
22nd Feb - 1 March 2006 (Funeral)


In addition to the saddness, many heartbreaking stories on me caused by a huge number of officials, both before (since 2002) and
after my Hong Kong visit, have happened since 2002,

..., ..., ..., ..., ..., ..., ...

ll these making me impossible to be the loving, responsible, cooperative, strong and brave mother in Stenhammarskolan, 
followed by 7 other schools, making a total of 8 schools, 5 municipalities and 4 counties
with at least 11 headmasters between 2002 and 2012 - - -

It means I was forced to move many times to find a school with a headmaster who works correctly to the mother.

The headmasters have chosen to write about me as they have written, and have led to the creation of around 20 - 30 kg of official documents on me, later even from other officials from the other official authorities,
all showing that I am a very careless, irresponsible, imprudent, injudicious

Fortunately, i am as I have always been, I still have
" huvudet på skaftet",
a Swedish idiom which means "to have the head on the shaft", being awake, clear in the mind and intelligent
despite the fact that I have tons of stones on my shoulders, on my head, on my back.

I am still waiting for the replies from the first female headmaster why she wrote the official document in the way that was far from the whole truth, why she lied in the official document, plus more - - -
I am still waiting for the reply from the second male headmaster why he lied in the official document about my HK-funeral-visit in 2006, plus more - - -

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I got unexpected hinder during the updating process on 24th Aug 2010. 

2010-09-13  - 
I continued with the updating. The dates of updating are written on every page.

A few of the memorable stuffs, photography  of my kids which I have saved throughout all these years
in an unexpected and scary 
"rescue-action" in Vinninga (Lidköpings Portrait Studion's administrative address)
on 17th Sept 2010

My favorite painters

True, moving stories from ordinary people.

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